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Over the years, customers have asked how we might ship our treats to their friends and loved ones across the country. In all this time we made our gourmet bakery treats available locally, out of our location in Farmington, Connecticut.

We are excited to share our long-loved gourmet cookies with you by shipping them across the USA.  

When we decided to start this part of our business, we wanted to find a way to share our cookies with people outside of our local area. A memory that has stayed with me for years was one where we provided cookies to send on a plane to American troops in the Middle East in 2003.

We later heard that our cookies reached our troops and that they were enjoyed and appreciated by those who ate them. We were even given an American flag as a token of their appreciation for our gesture. We certainly were surprised to receive a flag! What an honor!

Moreover, the overwhelming feeling of joy that came over me when I heard how much the troops enjoyed our cookies - that feeling has remained in my memory all these years.

I wanted to find a way to pair our love of baking with our love of country. We have supported our Veterans in our community, and we wanted to be able to extend our reach across the miles, anywhere where our brave soldiers have been called to represent our country.

As an American citizen and "civilian", I know that I cannot even begin to imagine what these soldiers experience as they serve our country, both when deployed and once they return home to try to return to some semblance of a normal life, even after all they have seen and have endured. These soldiers must be reminded how much they are appreciated. What better way to shown my own appreciation than by sharing our cookies with the troops who have continued to protect our country so that I can have these freedoms?

For every 10 boxes of cookies that we sell, we will ship a box of these gourmet cookies to troops. Wherever we can, we will send them!

Throughout my life I have cooked and baked to feed people – first my family, then my friends, and then customers. Great food makes people happy. What we do makes people happy. Even something as simple as an amazing cookie can bring a smile to someone's face.

We hope that you will enjoy eating our cookies as much as we enjoy making them for you - and that you will taste the love in every bite!


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