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Sandwich Platters

Truffles Prosciutto $85

(1/2 platter available, $50)
Prosciutto, roasted peppers, provolone, Romaine lettuce and basil pesto. Served on our freshly baked focaccia bread (48 mini sandwiches).

Truffles Veggie $85

(1/2 platter available, $50)
Fresh mozzarella, Romaine lettuce, tomato and basil pesto. Served on our freshly baked focaccia bread (48 mini sandwiches).

Truffles Combo $85

Combination of the Prosciutto and the Veggie (48 mini sandwiches).

Wrap Platter $80

(1/2 platter available, $45)
An assortment of ten wraps cut in half (twenty halves total). Choose from all-natural Turkey, Roast Beef, Genoa Salami or Ham; Chicken Salad, Tuna Salad, Chicken Caesar, Hummus (vegetarian) and Mediterranean (vegetarian).

Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches $85

Roasted pork tenderloin with baby greens and balsamic vinaigette on 36 freshly baked rosemary asiago scones.

Winterberry Chicken Salad on Petite Croissants $90

Chunks of chicken breast, red grapes, Granny Smith apples, dried cranberries, red onions, almonds, Hellmann’s mayo, lemon zest, salt and pepper on 36 freshly baked petite croissants.

Assorted Sandwiches on Petite Croissants $90

An assortment of turkey, ham, roast beef, chicken salad, tuna and veggie hummus on 36 freshly baked petite croissants (may substitute multi-grain rolls). 


Brownie Tray

Giant chocolate chip ganache brownies on a tray.  Waxed bags provided for your guests to take them home.

Cookie Tray

Giant chocolate chip, cowboy (toffee chocolate chip) and old-fashioned sugar cookies on a tray. 

Mini Meal Box

$8.99 each (minimum 25)
Box with a mini croissant sandwich, chocolate chip ganache brownie, berries and a bag of chips.  Perfect for sending guests on their way after a late night!


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