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About Truffles Bakery

Truffles Bakery is well-known for its unique, creative and diverse selections of hot and cold sandwiches, green salads and pasta salads, pastries, desserts and cakes. A husband-and-wife team, together with a talented and dedicated staff, work hard to keep our menu interesting, delicious and scratch-made.

We are constantly scouring cookbooks, magazines, blogs, food shows, searching for recipes and ideas, so that we may continue providing our customers with the food of our past, present and what’s up and coming.

Our breakfast, lunch, catering menus are always being tweaked, and we are more than willing to sit down and build a meal to accommodate your own event or occasion.

We use high-quality ingredients and don’t cut corners. We are all about fresh and scratch-made.  We source local ingredients whenever we can, and we strive to use as many natural ingredients as possible, keeping our processed ingredients to a minimum wherever possible.

Green Statement

We are so grateful to have served so many customers over the years.  As we have grown, so has our impact on our community.  We are well aware of the waste we can generate as our business continues to grow to meet the desires of our customers.  We have moved toward the “triple bottom line” strategy, where “people, planet and profit” – the three pillars – have become the means for us to measure our success.

Over the past ten years, we have continued to focus on sustainable practices.  We use biodegradable, compostable and recycled/recyclable packaging and utensils.  Our plates, napkins, utensils, coffee cups and lids, cold beverage cups and lids, salad containers, to-go containers and soup cups and lids are all investments we have made to reduce our carbon footprint within our community.  We print menus and recipes on recycled copy paper, and we only print as needed.  We have all of our menus available online, reducing the amount of paper used.  We also recycle glass, plastic, cardboard, tin, aluminum and ink cartridges.  We are currently looking into composting programs in order to reduce our waste contribution to the landfill.

We purchase local whenever we can, supporting our CT Grown farmers and Connecticut businesses whenever possible.  We actively participate in community fundraisers and efforts, supporting several local schools and organizations.  We donate extra food to local food pantries and shelters.  We also redistribute food that is safe but not up to our high standards to those food pantries and shelters.

As we continue to strive to reduce waste and support other local businesses, we welcome your feedback and input.  Feedback is a gift!

Allergy Disclaimer

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